Guide to Medicare Plan A

In this article we will be discussing the coverage of Medicare Plan A which includes health care, hospice care, and hospital stays with the classification as inpatient. The government has created the Medicare program with the intention to give insurance for people who are qualified because they meet certain criteria. Any one being given health care will naturally incur costs for the service, and Medicare is there for them to be able to shoulder the costs of health care for these qualified individuals. In Medicare Part A which is part of the original Medicare package, you receive insurance coverage for your health needs and this includes health home services, nursing home facilities, hospice, inpatient hospital stay, and none medical care institutions belonging to religious groups.

Here are the requirements to qualify for insurance coverage from Medicare Part A. The age of the person must be over 65; a person under 65 who has a qualifying disability; and an individual with a terminal kidney condition and on the end stage of the disease.

If you are working on a job and you are being deduced monthly for Medicare taxes, then there is no Medicare Part A premium to pay. You also don't pay Medicare Part A premiums if your wife's salary is paying for Medicare taxes. If you are over 65 and you qualify by meeting certain requirements of citizenship, they you may also take advantage of Medicare Part A for a cost. Medicare Part A can also be purchased by individuals who are over 65 and suffering with a disability but are no longer eligible for free because they were able to return back to work in some capacity. There is a monthly premium for Medicare part A and when you purchase this you are also required to purchase Part B.

If you are collecting social security benefits or benefits from theRailroad Retirement Board, then your Medicare coverage will automatically begin on the first day of your birth month on your 65th year. And, 3 months prior to your 65th birthday, you would receive a Medicare card via mail.

For those suffering disability and are under 65, you gain eligibility for Medicare Part A 2 years into receiving social security disability benefits or RRB benefits. You can expect your Medicare card the first month of the third year. Individuals suffering from Amyotrophic Later Sclerosis immediately gets eligible for Medicare Part A when they start receiving their social security disability benefits. Explore more at

If you are not collecting RRB benefits, if you were a railroad employee or you have social security benefits, then even if you meet eligibility requirements you should still take steps to enroll for Medicare Part A. 3 months prior to your 65th birthday, you should find out how to enroll from the social security office.